• Our Portfolio

    Our Portfolio

    While spanning a diverse range of industries, our portfolio companies share a common thread of leadership in niche markets.


Current Partner Companies

All-State Industries
  • Des Moines, IA | all-stateind.com | February 2019
  • Investment: Family / founder recapitalization

All-State is a leading manufacturer of non-metallic components for OEMs across a diverse range of end markets. Founded in 1974, the company has a demonstrated history of partnering with its customers to design and manufacture solution-oriented products used for sealing, acoustics, thermal management, motion control, instrumental panel and impact absorption applications.

Ligchine International Corporation | Blue Sage Capital
  • Darien, WI | www.ligchine.com | July 2018
  • Investment: Family / founder recapitalization

Ligchine International is a globally-recognized, leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of laser-guided boom operated concrete screeds. Ligchine produces a diverse range of models under the ScreedSaver™ banner, and Ligchine's products provide best-in-class concrete floor flatness and levelness results for its customers.

Americo Manufacturing Company
  • Acworth, GA | www.americomfg.com | December 2017
  • Investment: Family / founder recapitalization

Americo Manufacturing Company is a leading manufacturer of floor maintenance pads and commercial and retail floor matting products. The company produces a diverse range of high-loft, nonwoven products such as floor maintenance pads and specialty fabrics, plus a complete line of vinyl-backed, walk-off floor mats for use in industrial, promotional, retail, custom and specialty market applications.

Frontier Waste Solutions
  • Dallas, TX | www.frontierwaste.com | April 2017
  • Investment: Buy-and-build
  • Add-ons: Nine acquisitions completed as of March 2020

Frontier Waste Solutions is a provider of municipal solid waste services to the municipal, residential, commercial and industrial markets. The initial Frontier platform includes the acquisitions of Access Disposal Services, serving Hillsboro and the market area between Waco and Ft. Worth, and K2 Waste Solutions, serving the areas around Corpus Christi and Liberty County, Texas.

  • Albuquerque, NM | www.bacom-inc.com | December 2016
  • Investment: Management recapitalization

BACOM is a leading provider of services for the installation, modification, construction, and maintenance of wireless communication facilities and related infrastructure.

Magnum Systems

Magnum, through its Taylor Products and Smoot brands, is a leading designer and manufacturer of branded packaging and material handling solutions serving a diverse set of end markets, applications, and customers. The Company’s highly engineered products are designed to handle free-flowing materials that are difficult to package or convey in all types of manufacturing environments. Magnum’s products are recognized throughout the industry for their superior quality, performance, reliability, and ease of use.

Timber Automation (Baxley-LogPro)
  • Hot Springs, AR | www.timberna.com | August 2015
  • Investment: Family / founder recapitalization
  • Add-on: VAB Solutions

Timber Automation (dba Baxley-LogPro) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment and systems for the forest products and biomass industries. The company manufactures and supplies blue-chip customers and independent sawmills with custom engineered equipment and control systems that maximize lumber yield and reduce labor costs, as well as machinery for sawmill logyards, engineered wood products plants, pulp and paper plants, chip mills, and pellet mills.

Exited Portfolio Companies

Ashbrook Simon-Hartley | Alfa Laval

Ashbrook Simon-Hartley

  • Houston, TX | Invested January 2005 | Exited July 2012
  • Investment: Corporate carve-out

Ashbrook is an industry leader in liquid and solid separation technologies for the wastewater industry. The company provides highly efficient and cost-effective solutions for dewatering and process system requirements for large customers. Ashbrook has a global presence with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Chile, and Brazil. Ashbrook was sold to Alfa Laval (Ticker: ALFA.ST) in July 2012.

C&M Conveyor  | Blue Sage Capital

C&M Conveyor

  • Mitchell, IN | Invested July 2006 | Exited May 2018
  • Investment: Buyout / recapitalization

C&M Conveyor, Inc. is a designer, manufacturer and installer of sophisticated material-handling systems for the corrugated, folding carton and commercial printing industries. Founded in 1982, C&M is a leader in its niche market.

Cobalt Environmental Solutions

Cobalt Environmental Solutions

  • Ardmore, OK | Invested April 2014 | Exited May 2019
  • Investment: Buy-and-build / greenfield
  • Add-ons: Acquired and/or developed six facilities during hold period

Cobalt is focused on the disposal of flowback and produced wastewater for the oil and gas industry.

CRI | Blue Sage Capital

Controlled Recovery, Inc "CRI"

  • Hobbs, NM | Invested November 2006 | Exited July 2010
  • Investment: Family / founder recapitalization

Controlled Recovery, Inc. is a provider of oil and gas waste disposal services. Located in Hobbs, NM, the Company’s primary service area is the energy-rich Permian Basin. CRI was founded in 1990. CRI was sold to R360 Environmental Solutions in July 2010.

Environmental Design | Blue Sage Capital

Environmental Design "EDI"

  • Tomball, TX | Invested April 2004 | Exited December 2011
  • Investment: Family / founder recapitalization

Founded in 1977, Environmental Design, Inc. (“EDI”) is the country’s premier company in the large tree transplantation niche. EDI holds patents on the world’s most advanced tree transplantation equipment and has innovated advanced tree transplantation techniques. EDI was sold to management in December 2011.

Gatti's Pizza | Blue Sage Capital


  • Austin, TX | Invested November 2004 | Exited June 2015
  • Investment: Buyout / recapitalization

Gatti’s, founded in 1964, is a Texas-based owner, operator and franchisor of retail pizza restaurants across the United States. Gatti’s maintains over 100 stores across nine states with delivery, buffet and buffet/arcade concepts. Gatti's was sold to Sovrano LLC, an affiliate of FundCorp Inc., in June 2015.

Hoak Media | Blue Sage Capital

Hoak Media

  • Dallas, TX | Invested January 2007 | Exited June 2014
  • Investment: Growth capital
  • Add-ons: Acquired over 10 stations during hold period

Hoak Media Corporation acquires and operates network-affiliated broadcast television stations. Hoak focuses on secondary and tertiary markets (DMA<100) where its stations are the dominant source of news and information in their respective markets. Based in Dallas, Hoak has a presence in eight markets in Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota and Louisiana. Hoak was sold to Gray Television Group, Inc. in June 2014.

Marine Accessories Corporation | Blue Sage Capital

Marine Accessories Corporation

  • Maryville, TN | Invested July 2015 | Exited June 2018
  • Investment: Buyout / recapitalization
  • Add-ons: TurboSwing and Fishmaster

MAC is the leading designer and manufacturer of wakeboard towers and accessories and a leading producer of custom-patterned cockpit covers, bimini tops, and boat covers.

MultiCam | Blue Sage Capital


  • Dallas, TX | Invested April 2008 | Exited May 2014
  • Investment: Family / founder recapitalization

Founded in 1989, MultiCam manufactures and distributes computer numeric controlled (“CNC”) cutting machines. MultiCam produces a full line of cutting solutions including routers, plasma, laser, water jet and knife cutting machines. MultiCam sells through independently owned distributors (“technology centers”) to a diverse and non-correlated set of end users. MultiCam was sold to Rosewood Private Investments in May 2014.

Omniflight | Blue Sage Capital


  • Addison, TX | Invested September 2004 | Exited November 2005
  • Investment: Growth capital

Omniflight is an industry leader in the medical air transport industry. Omniflight transports critically ill or injured patients to hospitals, regional trauma centers or specialty care facilities. At the time of Blue Sage’s investment, the Company served 14 hospital-based programs and 12 independent programs with a total of 42 helicopters and one fixed wing aircraft. Omniflight has deployed these aircraft in 13 states. Omniflight was sold to Wind Point Partners in November 2005.

Parker School Uniforms | Blue Sage Capital

Parker School Uniforms

  • Houston, TX | Invested August 2008 | Exited June 2015
  • Investment: Family / founder recapitalization

Parker School Uniforms is one of the three largest U.S. companies producing school uniforms for children in grades Pre-K through high school. Parker is one of the only companies that functions as both a manufacturer and a distributor of school uniforms. Parker has grown over the years to include service to over 900 schools and more than 250,000 students primarily in Texas and increasingly the Southeast and Midwest. Parker was sold to an investor group comprised of Salem Investment Partners, Plexus Capital and Argosy Investment Partners in June 2015.

Primus Sterilizer | Blue Sage Capital

Primus Sterilizer

  • Omaha, NE | Invested December 2006 | Exited November 2018
  • Investment: Family / founder recapitalization

Primus Sterilizer, Inc. is the leading independent manufacturer of steam sterilizers in the United States. The Company’s sterilizers can be found in leading research laboratories, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

R360 | Blue Sage Capital

R360 Environmental Solutions

  • Houston, TX | Invested July 2010 | Exited October 2012
  • Investment: Buy-and-build / greenfield
  • Add-ons: Acquired and/or developed over 10 facilities during hold period

R360 is a leading provider of non-hazardous oilfield waste treatment, recovery and disposal services in several of the most active natural resource producing areas in the United States, including the Permian, Bakken, and Eagle Ford Basins. R360 operates 26 facilities across Louisiana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming. R360 was sold to Waste Connections, Inc. (NYSE: WCN) in October 2012.

Via Seating | Blue Sage Capital


  • Sparks, NV | Invested September 2005 | Exited October 2014
  • Investment: Buyout / recapitalization

VIA, Inc. is a niche designer, manufacturer and marketer of mid-to-high end office seating. Unlike other contract office furniture companies that take 6 to 8 weeks to build and deliver a custom chair, VIA is able to build most chair styles in many colors and fabrics within 48 hours.

Visual Merchandising, Inc. | Blue Sage Capital

Visual Merchandising, Inc. “VMI”

  • Broomfield, CO | Invested February 2007 | Exited June 2013
  • Investment: Family / founder recapitalization
  • Add-on: Goldsmith

Founded in 1987, Visual Merchandising, Inc. (“VMI”) is a state-of-the-art designer, manufacturer, and distributor of custom mannequins, forms, and other visual merchandising products to the global retail industry. With a number one market share position in the U.S., VMI markets its products under the brands of Fusion Specialties, Inc. and Goldsmith, Inc. VMI was sold to Noa Visual Group, S.L. in June 2013.